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Skladové systémy

MacteVend warehouse systems represent a unique warehouse solution. Current trends in the field of supply speak of the so-called immediate consumption on the spot (point of use) - an effective approach to stock items in the context of efficient production processes. Imperfect warehousing systems can relatively reduce consumption, but they are not well thought out and their software options are limited. We offer a comprehensive solution (which does not need to be followed up), including safe and clear storage, dispensing a wide range of stock items, meeting the above requirement for immediate access to these stocks "on site and when needed". MACTEVend warehouse systems automate the entire the process of replenishing and issuing stocks, as they are able to obtain the necessary quantity and structure of stocks in conjunction with sophisticated software.

Warehouse systems consist of a wide range of configurations and types of equipment used for storage and dispensing of any warehouse items. Variants can be combined and arranged depending on the requirements of warehousing and production processes. Warehouse systems are primarily used for safe and clear storage (and dispensing) of a wide range of materials (single consumption and repeated dispensing), tools, instruments, spare parts, meters, tools, work aids, etc. Depending on customer needs and requirements, we can design optimal and effective solutions according to location, quantity, turnover and type of stock items, etc. We offer only high quality storage systems from renowned specialized manufacturers,

MacteVEND storage systems have been specially designed with an emphasis on flexible use. The modular design, easy expandability and installation of these devices, allows significant savings in financial, logistical and personnel costs. Unique software, which forms an integral part of the system control unit, informs about all movements of stock items according to selected criteria (detailed reports on employees, departments, inventory groups, periods), allows the creation of so-called consumption limits and stocks, automatically generates orders for missing items to addition in the form of e-mail service, communicates with ERP systems, etc.

Warehouse systems reduce inventory consumption by up to 40% (while also reducing inventory costs), make inventory available 24 hours a day (24/7/365), reduce administrative costs, optimize production processes, offer a perfect overview of status and consumption and many more.

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