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Why vending systems


Current trend in automation brings about a requirement for the POINT-OF-USE "immediate need at the point" in the area of securing the access to inventory items necessary for an efficient run of the required manufacturing processes. Solution comes with the application of automated vending machines which allow immediate access to the supplies.

Simple solutions incline to cheap vending machines, however this brings about the problem, that these vending machines are in many ways incomplex. They can yield some relative savings, however they are not well sophisticated and from the point of software they offer limited possibilities. They are designed to vend more frequntly used items but in many cases include only a small amount and variety of required supplies.

Therefore we looked for a complex solution which would provide our client with a convenient and flexible storage system for safe and transparent storage and vending of a wide variety of stock items and which would meet the requirement for immediate access to these supplies "directly at the point and moment of the rise to the need for them".

Automated storage system MACTEVend meets this requirement. MACTEVend automatizes the whole process of restocking and dispensing thanks to its ability, together with a sophisticated software, to take care of the required amount and structure of supplies.

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