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All equipment comes with assessment software which gives a precise overview of the status andconsumptionof of all stock items.

The software produces defined reports on the movement of stock according to selected criteria (detailedreports on employees, departments, groups, inventory, production line type, shifts, selected periods,etc.), allowing you to set consumption limits and conditions, performs automatic generation ofpurchase orders according to missing items by email service and, if necessary, communicates with the ERP system of the client.All industries such as automotive, aviation, energy, transportation, metallurgy, construction, food andmany others find this system hghly useful.

The need for these systems is seen in installations for streamlined production processes and achievessignificant savings. All eqipment is operated and controlled by a unique analysis software, whichprovides an accurate overview of the status and movement of all inventory items.It comes with a touch screen, which can be operated using simple commands. Within a few seconds theuser has access to the required storage item. A module is able to control one or more dispensingmachines or a combination of different storage systems.Access to the system is secured using the credentials of each user. ID cards (magnetic or bar code), orsecutity numbers and personal access code of employees can be used. Each user can be granted accessto pre-defined operations, warehouse items, adjusting inventory levels dispensing or other permissions.


The configuration software allows you to set consumption limits and conditions, performs automaticgeneration of orders missing items, to avoid lack of supplies.Storage system communicates via LAN to the database server and performs automatic synchronizationof data to keep constantly informed about all movements in stocks.

The software then informs the template reports about the movement and inventory for selected criteriaand automatically sends selected evaluation reports for e-mail service directly to the selected workers.

A wide range of reports such as transaction sort by department, group, inventory, production lines,shift, set period etc.

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