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SupplyBay - Gen 1 - Solid doorSupplyBay - Gen 1 - lexan doorAbsolute Control® in a Rugged Solution that is Simple to Use and Cost Effective

HelixVend is engineered for harsh, industrial environments to deliver reliable high-volume dispenses year-after-year for a wide range of industrial tools and supplies including:


  • Cutting Tools
  • Welding Supplies
  • Safety Supplies
  • Batteries
  • Maintenance Items
  • Shop Supplies


The Best Return on Investment in Helix Dispensing!

HelixVend Features

  • Wrap around LED lighting
  • Large dispensing door
  • Large Lexan clear door
  • Available with solid or clear door
  • SupplyLink or key-pad controller
  • Smart motor technology
  • Easy to add-on auxiliary units or mix with other SupplyPro devices
  • Easy to load and refill
  • Easy to reconfigure – no tools required
  • Battery risers
  • Large variety of risers and dispense aids
  • Patented multiple motor rotation – a necessity for larger items using more than two positions



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