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MACTE introduced the concept of individual compartment control in a standard shop floor cabinet at the Point-of-Use.

The versatile SmartDrawer solution allows users to choose the best level of access control, and accountability, for each application. DrawerVend lids can be set to provide Absolute Control® for single-item dispense and return, or part number level control for higher-density management. The choice is yours!

Compatible with Lista, Stanley-Vidmar and Rousseau cabinets, DrawerVend is available for new shop floor cabinets or can be retrofitted to existing cabinets – drawer by drawer.

DrawerVend Features

  • Easy User Interface
    Pick-to-light with simple searching and item selection

  • Quick Pick Transactions
    Lid level picking with tailored business rules such as take and return, check-in/check-out, take only, lock-down, etc. 

  • Full Usage Audit Trails
    See the item, who used it, where it was used

  • Choose Access Control
    By individual item or part number level

  • Mix and match
    Add more devices or mix other SupplyPro devices

DrawerVend is ideal for managing consumable and returnable materials:

  • Production components
  • Critical spare parts
  • Cutting tools
  • MRO and safety supplies
  • Welding supplies
  • Electrical parts
  • Calibrated tools and instruments
  • Hand and power tools
  • Maintenance spares and parts
  • Radios
  • Vehicle keys
  • Fixtures and tool holders
  • and much much more…

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