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Advantage of vending systems


MacteVEND considerable lowers your costs and raises effectivity LEAN processes.

Reduces stock consumption by 20 -40%


Decide on the goods which  should be available to employees of your choice, keep informed about consumption of individual workers, set limits to how much stock employees use.

You decide which stock items certain employees will have access to.

Be informed about how much certain employess use.

Set limits to usage and encourage their responsibility.

Gain access to current data about consumption.

Eliminate loss and limit waste of stock.

Achieve quick turnover on your investment.

Constant access to stock. 24/7/365


Always at your disposal whenever you need it.

Removes the necessity for traditional methods of stocking.

Increase productivity with the increasing staff.

Lowers stock ware costs


Lower overall production costs and stock orders

The software automatically evaluates the lesser used items which optimizes the value of the overall stock.

Lowers administrative costs


The service software automatically fills orders.

Reduce the costs of labor in connection with orders and contorl registers.

Optimizes production and productivity


Decrease time of filling stock.

Placing the most used items within convinient reach eliminates unnecessary trips to distant stock for refilling.

Complete overview of consumption


The evaluating software..... and automatically generates orders for individual items based on the  minimal limit of stock  for filling.

Stock safely, effectively and in tho right place


Prevent unauthorized access and loss of stock items.

Lower the area of stock.

Lower risk of injuries and sick leave which results in higher costs in employing replaements and substitutes.

ERP communication system


Is able to link the required reports to internal information systems as required by outputinformation.

User-friendly and intutive


Touch screen control.

Access by ID cards, employee codes and other methods.

Multi-lingual software.

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