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Vending systems

Automatizované skladové systémy 2

The automatic dispensing system MacteVEND offers a wide range of equipment and confirugationsaccording for various types of stock which can be combined and altered to suit the needs of stock and production.

MacteVEND acts as a secure and accessable storage for dispensing a wide range of materials, tools, spare  parts, power tools, protective gear, and other materials.

Based on the actual demands of customers MacteVEND is the optimal and effective solution. Comprised of placement, amount, turnover and type of stock as well as any further criteria necesary for making the suitable configuration.

We offer  high quality of equipment from respected which are contineously paying attention to development and prefecting after many years of experience and several thousand instalations in different fields of prodctuion industry around the world.

MacteVEND dispensing system is especially made for modifiible use. The module consturcion simply expandible adn placing this equipmetn to achieve substantial gains in loogistics and personnel costs.

The servicing and evaluating software which is an intergral part operating systém, informs about all movement of stock based on requested information. (detailed reports about employees, departmetns, stock groups, duration) allows to limit the use of goods and state that they are in. Supplies an qutomatic list of missing stock for refilling in the form of email service – communcating directly with ERP systems.

Automatizované skladové systémy

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