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SupplyPad 3.0

Industrialized, Rugged Tablet for Mobile and Barcode- Based Materials Control


The SupplyPad from SupplyPro provides mobile materials control for barcode tagged materials wherever they are located at your facility. The SupplyPad includes all of the reporting capabilities of SupplyPro’s industry-leading SupplyPort software in a handheld device. The SupplyPad’s device software supports all of our normal functionality including kitting and order-based fulfillment.

Wireless Internet Connection or Not, We’ve Got You Covered


If your facility has a wireless network the SupplyPad will upload transactions as the unit is carried from location to location. However if that is not available the device will record all of the transactions and they will upload as soon as the device is returned to the docking station.

SupplyPad Features

  • Rugged, industrialized handheld unit
  • Barcode scanning
  • Full SupplyPort access
  • Full reporting functionality
  • Virtual Inventory Module (VIM)
  • Docking station available for desktop or vehicle (truck, forklift, car, etc.) mounting
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